Want a Limo, Not a Lemon? 5 Tips to stress free Limousine Hire for Your Big Night

Want a Limo, Not a Lemon? 5 Tips to stress free Limousine Hire for Your Big Night

Thinking Limousine Hire Perth? Read These Tips First!

So you’ve got that special occasion coming up in Perth and it’s time to think about getting limousine hire sorted out. But how do you go about this? Who should you choose? How much does it cost? What’s the right kind of car for the occasion? How can you make sure to get an immaculate a prestigious vehicle and a chauffeur to match?

Oh, it all seems so overwhelming. Not to mention all of the limousine hire horror stories going around Perth that you’ve heard from you friends and acquaintances. How will you avoid falling victim to these? Well, worry not good reader. For Your Limo has the perfect step-by-step guide for you. Simply read on…

1. Verify they have an Operator Accreditation Number

All companies providing a limousine hire service in Perth must possess an Operator Accreditation Number. This ensures that the company has been accredited by the state government to operate a limousine service in Western Australia and that they are aware of their passenger transport legislative responsibilities, operate and maintain their vehicles appropriately, comply with vehicle design, safety and operational requirements and are able to meet customer service expectations.

When you speak to a limousine company in regards to a potential booking, you should ask for this number and verify that it is current. If they don’t have one, then don’t use them!

2. Avoid companies that are cheaper than the industry norm

When you research a number of different limousine hire companies around Perth, you will find that the fee structures of the majority are roughly equivalent, with only minor variations as a rule.

However, you may also encounter some limousine hire companies that charge fees significantly lower than these industry norms. Avoid these companies like the plague. These substantially lower costs are achieved by offering a much lower quality of service. Their cars are much older than their website suggest, and often fail to convey the immaculate and prestigious image desired when they arrive.

Their chauffeurs are often poorly dressed, poorly spoken and unprofessional, simply because exceptional and accredited chauffeurs are paid handsomely. Interiors are often poorly maintained, covered in food and drink stains left by previous clients.

Engines and other mechanical components may be infrequently and insufficiently maintained, which heightens the risk of accidents and breakdowns on the way to the event.

And perhaps most alarmingly, such bargain basement operators often cuts costs by having insufficient liability insurance and in some cases, no insurance at all.

3. Research a number of companies before making a selection

What’s more important to you than that special event, be it your wedding, school ball or other special occasion that you hope to become a special life long memory.

Then, just as you would for any other big decision you make, you need to do thorough research first when choosing a limousine hire company in Perth. Use the checklist below as a guide to help you be thorough in this research.

  • Use the web to review up to 10 limousine hire companies operating in Perth
  • Make a list of those that:
    • Are available on the date of your special event
    • Clearly display details regarding operator accreditation and other legal obligations
    • Presents fees and charges in clear and unambiguous terms
    • Offer payment options
    • Possess a vehicle that can accommodate the guest numbers
    • Clearly displays authentic and verifiable testimonials
    • Provide you with multiple methods for you to contact them
  • Cut your list down to the top 3 companies that appeal to you most
  • Go a inspect the vehicles of these top 3 inside and out
  • Make you selection and book

4. Reserve early

It is absolutely essential that you book with your selected limousine hire company well ahead of your event to avoid disappointment. Certain events, such as school balls or formals, take place at the same time of the year for all secondary education organisations across Perth.

This means that limousine hire companies get a huge number of bookings during these periods and in fact, are often booked out completely. So if your event is one of a similar nature, then booking your vehicle way ahead of time, even months ahead of time is essential, or you may well find yourself without a limousine for your special night at all!

5. Get it all in writing

Once you have done all your research and you’ve made your choice of limousine hire company for your big day, make absolutely sure you get the arrangements made in writing. Upon payment of the deposit, be sure the company provides you with an invoice / tax receipt that specifies all of the following:

  • Booking confirmation number
  • Operator Accreditation number
  • Booking date, pick up time, travel routes, total time availability and guest return schedule
  • All hire and booking costs, itemised and clearly identified as the grand total payable
  • Full description of the make, colour and seating capacity of the vehicle ordered
  • Special features included such as iPod dock, Wi-Fi or electric divider screen
  • Full and unambiguous statement of the operator’s terms and conditions including policies pertaining to on-board refreshments, penalties applicable for cancellations or booking variations, and fees applicable to damages
  • A clear and unambiguous statement of any special or custom arrangements made between the client and the company in regards to the booking

I wish you the best luck in your research, and if you have any more questions about the ins and outs of getting the perfect limousine for your next special occasion, don’t hesitate to contact Your Limo.

Do you have any ‘lemon limo’ horror story to tell? Then share it with us in the comments box below.

One thought on “Want a Limo, Not a Lemon? 5 Tips to stress free Limousine Hire for Your Big Night

  1. A friend of mine is a Marriage Celebrant and every now and then her bridal parties experience the nightmare of their limo service either not turning up at all or being ridiculously late! She posts about it on her Facebook page often… Fortunately, she is in Queensland! It’s such a special occasion, I’d hate it if that happened to anyone…. Thank God Karen’s Limo hire does not have this problem here in Perth!!