Limo Hire Perth, Hunters and Collectors concert

Limo Hire Perth, Hunters and Collectors concert

A trip with a difference!

We transferred a lovely group of people to the Hunters and Collectors concert, singing away in the limo and having a great time.

We arrived back to pick them all up, only to find one of our passengers had had a mishap and injured her ankle as leaving. Ambulance officers advised Emma would need to go to emergency. Emma opted out of the ambulance transfer and asked us if we would take her to emergency as it was on the way to their drop off and she didn’t want to go in the ambulance. Yes of course we would.

Ambulance officers assisted Emma with her strapped ankle into the limo and we delivered Emma safely to Emergency.

We certainly got some looks and comments about arriving at emergeny in a limo!!!

We at Your Limo will do whatever it takes to accomodate our customers.
Emma has a broken ankle and we would like to wish her a very speady recovery. All the best Emma.

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