Surprise 70th Birthday Limo Hire

Surprise 70th Birthday Limo Hire

Rebecca arranged a surprise limo for her mum’s 70th birthday. Our Lincoln limousine arrived early and discreetly so that Rebecca and her sister could set up champagne inside the limo’s ice boxes. It was then arranged for the limo to arrive just outside the doorway of Riley’s Pizza in Brentwood, Perth, just as everyone emerged from the restaurant.

Rebecca’s mum stood in amazement as she was informed the limo was for her and her family members from New Zealand to enjoy a tour of the city on the way up to Kings Park to take in the city views and have photos taken. Only a few family members were aware of the surprise limo, so the rest all stood in amazement.

One family member mentioned she had never been in a limo before and never dreamed she would be going in one tonight, she was thrilled. It was lovely to see so many smiles and expressions of surprise and excitement.

Corks were popped and champagne enjoyed as everyone relaxed into the comfort of the Lincoln limousine.

Arrival at Kings Park to take in the city night lights. One family member Francis took particular interest in the Boab Tree and said he would love to see a photo of one with leaves. I gave my word that I would send one onto him.

The night ended back at the Restaurant with smiles and loads of gratitude from our passengers. I was even commended on my driving by Francis who admitted he was a little fearful at the start to see a female driver. He thanked me and said I had done a wonderful job and he had been very impressed with my driving and service.

That’s what I love about my business, by being the chauffeur, I get to see and experience the joy and excitement of my customers.

The look of surprise and excitement on everyone’s faces for this very special birthday surprise was something I will always remember.

Rebecca later emailed us:

“On behalf of my sister Katherine and I, I’d like to say an ENORMOUS thank you for the surprise King’s Park city tour last Friday night (15/11/13) for my mum’s 70th birthday.

My mum has called several times since then to thank us so that equates to more than once a day! All of the kiwi relatives were absolutely blown away too. They thoroughly enjoyed the comfort, the music, the view, the service, the surprise and of course….the air conditioning!

We will definitely recommend you to anyone we hear is looking to hire a limo. You were fantastic. Thanks again. Rebecca”

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