Swan Valley wine tours

Your chauffeur,Tom is an expert on the Valley,having conducted over 500 tours in the last 11 years around the Valley,he knows all the little places that the buses don’t go . Welcoming wineries with lovely wine and great people who can tell you the story of their wine.

The Swan Valley wine tour has so much variety to offer and we at Your Limo would be pleased to give you a day to remember. Your chauffeured limousine will deliver you in style to a selection of wineries, each vineyard with its own character and speciality, wonderful chardonnay,terrific Shiraz, excellent Merlot,and an icy mojito with mint leaves too for the ladies on a hot day!!

Rum or vodka too if you wish, distilled on the premises

There are cheese tastings and coffee tasting where the aroma of freshly roasted beans hangs in the air and the story of coffee is told. Sample honey or olives . Take a break for lunch at one of the vast array of eating places; see the breweries and distilleries with $4 cocktails!! All at your own pace with the flexibility of Your Limo. Try the nougat and ice-cream factories not forgetting to sample the goods at the very popular chocolate factory. All with no driving for you!!

With so much to choose from it may be difficult to decide where to visit but we can assist with your selection if you wish. The 6 hour tour starts when Your Limo picks you up from your home and only ends when you are delivered safely home after a fabulous day.

The boot on this American limo is huge so it fits all your purchases into it easily.

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