Swan Valley Wine Tours

Russian tourists at LancastersThis was a more difficult day than usual.

Tom the owner and chauffeur of YourLimo.com.au speaks a little Spanish, French, Croatian  ,and although he comes originally from Ireland, he also has a little understanding of chinese.

Unfortunately this group of tourists were from Moscow and did not speak a word of English, so Tom had to resort to his iPad and get a few phrases to get us through the day. THat worked well and a lovely meal at a winery capped the experience for them.

The Russians loved the wine and were delighted to find that Tom knew two Vodka distilleries in the Valley.

The opinion was that our local Vodka is good so Tom said “Spaseba”  ( thank you) and breathed a sigh of relief!!!

This tour has resulted in 3 more being booked through the Russian agency that dealt with these folks, so that’s a few more tourist dollars for the Swan Valley!1

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