Limo hire perth disgraceful service?

The limousine business depends on trust between the client and the limo company,no more so than when the occasion is a much planned and highly anticipated wedding.

What I saw today in Perth saddened me.

If the angry bridegroom is correct, the limo company that he booked until 6pm surprised him by dumping the entire wedding party

at one of their photo stops and taking off at 5pm with the excuse that the car was booked for a job outside the metro area.

Leaving aside the fact that the car was an SCV vehicle and technically should not be starting a hire outside the prescribed area,

( that is left to Limo’s with a PT plate I believe).

This is not the first time I have heard about this problem, and now the industry is getting very flooded with a certain type of stretch limo and that type of limousine is in demand for school balls, the chances that situations like this arising when companies take on a wedding and many months later, on the same date, also take on a school ball, the wedding finishing at 6pm and the school ball

starting at 5.45 pm, you don’t have to be very clever to work out that one of 2 things are going to happen.

1. The wedding is ruined when the car leaves earlier than the contract states. OR

2. The school kids are going to have their 5.45 limo turn up at 6.30 with some sad tale about a puncture, no photo’s with their mates in Kings park, and a memorable and very costly night ruined by greed.

I have also been the recipient of too many phone calls on a Saturday afternoon from desperate people who have booked and paid for a bargain limo months ago and suddenly on the day it has a problem with the gearbox.

The sad thing is that’s its the same Limo companies that seem to have problem gearboxes all the time!!!

I am amazed that I hear about this all the time with the same 3 companies names cropping up, and nothing seems to appear on social media.

Folks, if you get cheated shout about it!! Get on to the authorities and get on to your social network sites ,and name names.

The more people complain, the less chance these guys will get to ruin someone else’s day.

Do not forget, once this happens, your wedding day is gone, and you cannot get it back, so be careful, don’t just look at testimonials on web sites, they are so easy to fabricate it ‘s ridiculous.

Check with friends, there are many good guys out there make sure you find one of us.

If there any limo companies looking at this and feeling angry, ask yourself why, and have a good look in the mirror, we deal in dreams, take responsibility and realise you can’t hire out a limo twice for the same times.

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