Limo hire Perth

Limo hire Perth
A little free advice from All wedding car hire operators in western Australia must be licensed by the WA transport department. It is illegal to pay for the services of an unlicensed vehicle, and illegal to provide those services. Anyone carried in a vehicle being hired illegally is not covered by any insurance
It is important that your chosen operator knows any special details about the locations on the day. Are any maps required to ensure the correct entrance is used? When using stretch limousines you need to consider that the longer the vehicle, the fewer places it can get into. This is particularly relevant when using older churches and reception centres.
It can be very handy to write a short list of names and mobile phone numbers for all of the service providers involved in your wedding day. Distribute this to all providers to enable ease of contact should the need arise. E.g. If the photographer gets separated from the bridal party when travelling between locations and is unsure of the next stop. He can contact the chauffeur. The reception centre may wish to contact a driver to advise that the reception is running earlier or later than planned. These details can be filled in easily on the order form from
Should any time changes arise after you have booked your wedding cars, then advise your vehicle provider quickly. They may have already booked other work around your original booking.
Know how long it takes to travel between the various locations involved in your wedding day. A practise run some weeks before the big day can identify this. Be aware of any major sporting events that may be in the vicinity on the day, as excessive traffic can wreak havoc on the best made plans.
It can be a good idea to pack some light food and drinks for the day. They can be put in an esky and left with the wedding cars for ease of access during the day. It is a long day with a lot happening, food is too often the last thing on your mind. Take the time between photo shoots to have a snack and a drink. Nothing greasy should be taken into a limousine though, think of the other peoples clothes!!
We find that 4 out of 5 couples arrive at their reception later than they had planned. Photos can take longer that you may think, particularly when some travelling is involved. If you intend to be at your reception at a certain time, then ensure you tell your chauffeur and particularly your photographer, that is your intention. This also helps to avoid paying for extra time on your hired vehicles and possibly the reception, as it may run later also.
Often linked to the above-mentioned, around 80% of couples leave their reception at least 15 minutes later than the time they have booked for the hire car or taxi. You need to check whether you will be expected to pay for that time that the car is waiting or ensure that your MC finishes your reception on time.

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