Limo Hire Perth

All good limousine companies are ready for anything once the limo hits the road.

Even when one of the groomsmen splits his pants in Kings Park!!!!  We quickly got the onboard sewing kit out the boot and one of the bridesmaids sorted out the problem quick smart. We carry all sorts of little things for emergencies, like a spare plastic buttonhole flower

in case the groomsmen are one short or Dads forgotten his!! Bobby pins, safety pins, mascara, foundation, and plenty of bandaids for those sore feet, high heels play hell on along day.

Tom Has done hundreds of weddings and always remembers that each one is special, the bride has dreamed of this day for a long time and our job is to do our bit to make the day perfect in every way.

Parasols for hot days, umbrellas for wet ones, cotton refresher towels and iced water to take the heat off the day.

Always use the professional limousine companies, you only get one shot at getting this day right!!


good job we carry needle and thread!!

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