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A few weeks back, Jessica one of my brides shared her best tips and tricks for pulling off a spectacular wedding for a lot less money.

When asked to divulge her single best budget wedding idea, she had this to say…

For my wedding, we found a venue that allowed us to supply our own alcohol, so we shopped at discount stores for our spirits

and beer for the reception

Then some of our friends who had been on a Swan Valley Wine Tour wine  with Tom From told us how he took them to lovely wineries where you can buy great wine at $12 for 2 litre bottle.

We disguised the cheaper wine  by custom wine bottle labels we made on the computer so no one was the wiser!

If you’re savvy like Jessica and will be providing the booze and refreshments for your wedding bartender to mix up, it’s crucial

that you know how much of everything you’ll need.  Still at $12-15 for two litres you can’t go far wrong,and its terrific wine.

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