Joondalup Limo Hire

Joondalup Limo Hire

city-limoKenny had an idea to reward his wife of 15 years for all her loving attention to him and his kids.

A night out on a Venetian Gondola, and a lovely dinner in East Perth.

He called in Tom from to organise the 10 seater limo, for just 2 passengers ,Kenny and Caitlin, and Tom also booked the Gondola from his mate Alan, and the Limo turned up in Joondalup the total surprise of Caitlin, who knew she was going out for a meal, but thought it was the new pub Bistro in Currambine.

Caitlins favourite music was played by Kenny through the limo’s sound system ,and the couple took the coastal route down to East Perth to board the Venetian Gondola, an hours cruise with champagne, chocolates,and

a lovely meal at Browns, and Tom picked them up at 10pm and took them to Kings Park for photo’s to show the Kids, and then off to

the Scarborough resort Hotel  for the evening.

Great night, well done Kenny, you even remembered to get your car delivered down to the hotel so you don’t need a taxi in the morning.

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