ILuka wedding limo to Fremantle

ILuka wedding limo to Fremantle

Todd and the guys looking coolThe guys from Italy and Spain looked cool at Giorgio’s wedding in Fremantle.

they had travelled over from Europe to support their mate who they met on the beach

in Rimini, Italy in 2010,along with his lovely bride Amiee.

The guys broke a few female hearts around freo with that European style too!!

Aimee lives in Iluka,where the 10 seater limo picked her up, and Giorgio and the boys got picked up in yourlimo’s new 7 passenger Mercedes to take them to the church.

The Mercedes was used later to take wedding guests back home to the northern suburbs ,and the limousine came back at midnight to take our loving couple off to Perth to their hotel.

Good luck for the future from

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