singles wine tour

singles wine tour

Lincoln and ChryslerYour limo organised a singles tour of the Swan Valley and the response was so good that a 10 seater chrysler from Wedding cars Perth had to booked as well as the 10 seater lincoln.

There are no pictures of the guests, as privacy is ensured,but judging by the way people were getting together in the relaxed and casual atmosphere of the limousines,we might be seeing some of them again dressed in long white gowns.

The day was very informal,with lunch taken at the feral brewery,and guests swapping between the cars as they wished.

6 hours in the Swan Valley gave a good chance to socialise,and the mix of guests was really lovely,and conversation was helped along by the ambience of the scenery,nice wine,and great music.

The favourite venues seemed to be lunch and the cocktails at the distillery.

We will do this again when we get the numbers,it went so well it must happen again

If you are interested we will be happy to take your details and wait for the correct mix of people to fill the limo,we were thinking of 30+,40+ 50+ and 60+ tours but everyone can choose their own age group they wish to travel with.

Call Tom on 0401972618 to put your name down with us,its a great concept.

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